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Thijssen, J.M.

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Advanced Statistical Mechanics

Velocity distribution in gas of Rubidium atoms, showing a condensation into the ground state at very low temperatures (right).

Study Goals

The student who passes this course should have a working knowledge of statistical mechanics on the intermediate level. The course topics are:

  • ensemble theory
  • non-interacting particles (quantum and classical)
  • interacting particles (quantum and classical)
  • phase transitions and nonequilibrium phenomena (transport).

At the end of the course, the student has an broad view of the theory and he or she is able to solve problems pertaining to the topics covered in this course. Students should also be able to present their solutions to their fellow students in a clear way. Assessment: In this course, there is strong emphasis on problem solving skills. Every week, the students will study at least one problem in some detail. The participation during the exercise classes counts to the final mark. There will however also be a final written examination which should be doable for everybody who has participated properly in the course. The exercises will then be used to round off the mark if necessary. Students who want to pass the course without problem solving can do a separate exam (at the same time) which will be more elaborate than the standard exam. It is not recommended to try passing this course via this elaborate exam.



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