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Wastewater Treatment

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Welcome at the course Wastewater Treatment. This course is given by the faculty Civil Engineering and Geosciences at the University of Technology Delft.

The course deals with background and application of various wastewater treatment technologies. Both high-tech and low-tech systems are discussed, which are applicable in industrialized and developing countries. Anaerobic treatment systems, focusing on resource recovery are extensively discussed. Modern technologies for (extensive) nutrient removal / recovery are dealt with as well as membrane techniques for wastewater treatment.

In the lectures the following topics will be dealt with:
(1) Aerobic Granular Sludge Processes
(2) Sludge thickening and stabilisation
(3) Anaerobic treatment
(4) Natural treatment systems
(5) MBR systems for wastewater treatment
(6) N removal using anammox
(8) Effluent polishing
(9) Physical chemical treatment


4 experiments have to be performed:
(1) Nitrogen removal
(2) Specific methanogenic activity test
(3) Ultrafiltration
(4) Biowin modelling of activated sludge systems


Process design of WWTP
Aerobic Granular Sludge Processes
Activated sludge systems
Sludge thickening and stabilisation
Anaerobic treatment fundamentals
Anaerobic reactor systems (UASB)
Environmental factors impacting anaerobic treatment
Post treating anaerobic reactors

Natural treatment systems
MBR systems for wastewater treatment
N removal using anammox
Enhanced P removal
Physical chemical treatment
Very low effluent nutrient levels
Effluent recovery for reuse
Vallorisation of pollutants
Decentralised sanitation / source separation

(10) Decentralised sanitation / source separation



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