1. About TU Delft OpenCourseWare

1.1. What is TU Delft OpenCourseWare?

TU Delft OCW initiative is to support and advance education by making high-quality content freely available on the Web for learners and faculty across the nation and the world. The TU Delft OCW initiative encourages the publication and free exchange of course materials on the World Wide Web.

The initiative started with a pilot phase (2007/2008).
During this period MSc-material from 6 different disciplines have been published.
The project will be continued in 2009 on the basis of the results of an internal and external evaluation.

1.2. Why is TU Delft doing this?

TU Delft is participating in the OCW initiative because of the following reasons:

  • Commitment to the goals of the Open Course Ware Consortium
  • The international reputation and orientation of TU Delft in both education and research
  • Sharing of knowledge and further development of international networks
  • The possibility to inform potential students, so that they:

  1. learn about the courses offered by the TU Delft
  2. understand the required prior knowledge and 
  3. are able to prepare themselves in advance

1.3. How does TU Delft OCW differ from other types of web-based education, including distance learning?

TU Delft OCW differs from other TU Delft web-based education offerings in that it is free and open, does not provide university credit, and grants no access to university faculty. TU Delft OCW is not a distance learning initiative. Distance learning involves the active exchange of information between faculty and students, with the goal of obtaining some form of a credential. Increasingly, distance learning is also limited to those willing and able to pay for materials or course delivery. TU Delft OCW is not meant to replace degree-granting higher education or for-credit courses. Rather, the goal is to provide the content that supports an education, whether it be for professor, student, or self-learner.

Many individual faculty members at TU Delft and other universities already use the web extensively to make standard course materials available to their students. Some colleges and universities now require a website for every class. But to a large extent, these websites are designed for, and access is only provided to, the students enrolled at these institutions. OCW is an unprecedented effort of a much broader magnitude, as the goal is to provide course materials free to the world.

1.4. Who else is involved in the OCW initiative with TU Delft?

Visit other OpenCourseWare sites from around the world.



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