Introduction to Case Studies

Course subject(s) 7 Synthesis

In the following sub-section, you will see five videos that showcase eight case studies where an interdisciplinary approach to urban development was taken. In these cases, different subjects and challenges covered in this MOOC are brought together. For each video, we have indicated which aspects we think are synthesized.

We would like you to watch these videos and to be critical about how they connect to the content of this MOOC. We then ask you three questions:

  • Do you agree with the aspects that we have identified in the cases?  If you agree: please explain why you support these aspects and if you do not agree: please explain why you disagree.
  • Can you identify other aspects? (consider the many different aspects you have come across in the themes and challenges of this course)
  • Are the solutions presented applicable to your own urban environment? Please explain why they are or are not applicable to your context.

We invite you to be critical about the videos themselves. Do you like and agree with the main message in the videos? What are your experiences related to the subject of the videos?

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