Irrigation & Drainage – Activities

Course subject(s) 1. What is Irrigation 2. Irrigation game 3. Requirement and delivery 4. Modelling of irrigation systems I 5. Distribution and management 6. Modelling of irrigation systems II 7. Irrigation and tradition


Design Exercise

The exercises of each week are aimed at helping with the final design exercise.

Exercise week 1

Describe using the MASSCOTE ideas, what kind of system you would like to design.

Exercise week 3

Given the crop water requirements for your system, how would you deliver water to the farmers?

Exercise week 4

Do the tutorial of Sobek and read the example designs in preparation for this session.
How will you incorporate the lessons of this session in your own design?

Exercise week 5

Make a first design of your system (layout, water delivery strategy and typical stretch); ensure that you have all the data of your system to put it in Sobek.

Exercise week 6

How will you incorporate the lessons of this computer modelling session in your own design?

Exercise week 7

Make the final design.

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