Sanergy in Kibera, Nairobi (Kenya)

Course subject(s) 7 Synthesis

The next video explains the business model of Sanergy, an enterprise active in Kibera, Nairobi (Kenya). Sanergy designs and manufactures low-cost sanitation facilities. They build a network of Fresh Life Operators,  local residents, who purchase and operate the sanitation facilities thereby providing sanitation services to the community and generating an income.

The Sanergy video demonstrates one way to counter the problems arising from urban growth and socio-economic change. Specifically, the video synthesizes the following aspects that were covered in this MOOC.

  • Liveability & Urban Living and Socio-economic Change is demonstrated by showing how decentralized urban services can become a business model and provide a livelihood;
  • Urban Services, Infrastructure &  Transport and Resource Shortage is demonstrated in the recovery and reuse of human faeces;
  • Liveability & Urban Living and Resource Shortage is demonstrated in the link between urban wastewater and reuse in agriculture.

We challenge you to find more connections between this video and the content of this MOOC. Do you agree with the case? Are these types of integrations possible in your urban environment?

Video: Sanergy in Kibera, Nairobi (Kenya)

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