0.0.1 Introduction to A crash course on quantum information

Course subject(s) 00. A crash course on quantum information

Welcome! New to quantum information, but still want to learn quantum cryptography ? This module is for you!

If you are familiar with linear algebra, complex numbers and probabilities, then studying Week 0 carefully should bring you entirely up to speed. To make this work, we have focused on the essentials necessary for this class. That is, how to work with quantum bits mathematically. In the language of physicists, we will thus follow a pragmatic “shut up and calculate” approach – powerful, even if on occasion a little unsatisfying ­čÖé

As you might imagine, there is of course much more to be said about qubits and indeed quantum mechanics than we can cover here. The quantum world is fundamentally different from the classical one that we experience on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we have no time here to dwell on such beautiful concepts and differences. Similarly, we will not be concerned how qubits are actually implemented in the real world. If you want to learn more, we have a few pointers for you under “Further reading”.

So, ready to enter quantum information? ­čÖé Let’s get started!

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