0.1.1 Welcome to Pre-University Physics

Course subject(s) Module 0: Getting started: Pre-University Physics

Hey there,

We see that you have arrived – welcome! After years of (perhaps involuntary) learning, it is almost time to start a whole new chapter of your life: university. You will study something that you are personally interested in and you will create your own path. With such a big step it is only natural that you may feel nervous, uncertain, or possibly overwhelmed.

This course was developed to allow you to learn how we practice physics. This course will make you feel more confident about your physics knowledge and will give you extra insight that might come in handy during your time at university! Welcome to the Pre-University Physics course!

In the coming modules you will refresh your knowledge and learn everything about the most fundamental physics subjects. After this course you will feel more prepared for university!

In the video below the course team is presented.
After watching, you can read more about the course on the next pages.

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