0.5.1 Interviews: Importance of RRI

Course subject(s) Module 0. Introduction to Responsible Innovation

This section contains two interviews to highlight the importance of RRI for addressing societal problems:

    • The first one is with Hillary Sutcliffe. She is Director of SocietyInside and co-chair of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Values, Ethics and Innovation. This interview stresses the urgent need for RRI to address societal challenges.
    • The second one is an interview with Robert Braun, senior researcher of Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna. He leads the research team on Autonomous mobility and Societal Transformation. In the next interview he reflects on we way we should start with innovation from a RRI perspective. ‘What if we could start from scratch and putting values first?’

Interview with Hillary Sutcliffe

Interview with Robert Braun

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