1.0.1 Introduction and Course overview

Course subject(s) 01. Quantum tools and a first protocol

Welcome to module 1 of Quantum Cryptography!

If you’re just joining us, make sure you’re comfortable with the material in module 0 before proceeding. This module we’re getting serious about quantum information. You’ll learn the complete formalism of quantum states, pure and mixed, general measurements, reduced states, and more. By the end of the module you’ll have a complete, precise understanding of all the notions we’ll need to do cryptography.

We’ll also get started with some serious cryptography right away by teaching you a first quantum cryptographic scheme: the quantum analogue of the classical one-time pad, which allows perfectly secure encryption of quantum states – using a classical key!

We recommend you go through the material from the module in order, watching the videos at your own pace. If you get lost, don’t forget to check out the lecture notes, as well as other references available in the “Further Reading” section of the course.

We hope you have a great time!

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