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Welcome to the world of Rail!

Railway systems entail much more than a train and a track. They are based on advanced technical and operational solutions, dealing with continuously changing demands for more efficient transport for both passengers and freight every day. Each system consists of many components that must be properly integrated: from trains, tracks, stations, signaling and control systems, to monitoring, maintenance and the impact on cities, landscape and people. This integration is the big challenge and the source of many train delays, inconvenient connections and other issues that impact our society.

During this course, Professor of Railway Engineering, Rolf Dollevoet, will guide your through the different influential and interdependent aspects of rail. These create an ever-changing environment in which scientists, engineers, consultants and suppliers work daily to improve railway systems worldwide and prepare them for future needs and demands.

More on Professor Dollevoet here.

Prof. Rolf Dollevoet - The Switch

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