1.2.1 Installing and Setting up OpenModelica

Course subject(s) Module 1. Introduction to OpenModelica

In the video, the lecturer says week 4. This is because we had initially planned to launch the IEPG1x and IEPG2x courses as a single course. But later, we decided to release them as two separate courses. Since this lecture was initially part of week 4 of the combined course, the lecturer says week 4 in a module 1 lecture.

Please ignore what is said in the transcripts, as there is nothing to worry, you are on the right page and haven’t missed anything.

Installing and Setting up OpenModelica

  1. OpenModelica (OM) version 1.14.1 can be downloaded from this link. Please choose the correct package, depending on your OS.
  2. OPENIPSL library can be downloaded from here. Please use the provided zip file only and extract the contents to a new directory. Make sure that you use only version V1.0.0 of the software library (launched in Dec 16, 2016 ) since, all the videos and guides were prepared with this version. Else, you will run into issues!!
  3. The DelMod library can be download from this link. Extract the downloaded file contents into a new directory.
  4. On the next page, you will find a more detailed guide with instructions on how to import these libraries into OM. Please follow the instructions in the guide, carefully.
  1. A detailed step-by-step guide to import the two libraries is provided here. Please follow the instructions carefully.
  2. The user guide for OpenModelica is available here.  Please look into chapters 1 to 4 which explain several features of the user interface OMEdit, how to plot simulation results, and so on.
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