1.3.1 Why, what, and how of KPIs

Course subject(s) Module 1. RRI roadmap and KPIs for companies

KPIs for RRI

As we have seen in section 1.2,  RRI requires ownership at company level in a broad way.
So to embed RRI into business strategies of companies, it is of crucial importance to engage all relevant internal stakeholders.  First, you need the commitment of CEOs  to get things on the agenda.  Next, you should also focus on engagement from other internal key actors and the workforce.

This is easier said than done!  But a powerful tactic to kick off the discussions is to review the existing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the company. How can they  be linked to indicators for RRI?  We used this approach in the PRISMA project.

As part of the project, we developed a checklist of KPIs for innovation from both an organizational or business point of view and the RRI-perspective. This list is applied to review existing KPIs of the company.

For example, an organizational KPI could be :

    • The monetary value of the market (existing or potential market) for this project is large
    • Or ‘ Marketing and communication of the outcome of this project will emphasize heavily the societal benefits (health, sustainability) of the project.

These can be linked or integrated with KPIs for RRI like, for example:

    • Societal values (privacy, safety, health, security, data ownership, etc.) are actively included in the design process of this project.
    • Or: Within this project we apply risk identification and risk management strategies to adjust the product.

Before we continue, let’s first have a look at the KPIs. You can find them in this Excel sheet.

In the next  animation  we will introduce the process to select KPIs. After that, we will go into more detail.

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