1.6.1 Carbon capture and (utilization or) storage

Course subject(s) 1. Industrial sources of emissions and mitigation options

Carbon capture and (utilization or) storage is the last CO2 mitigation option that we are going to see this week. CO2 generation cannot always be prevented and in order to avoid its immediate release into the atmosphere, it can be stored permanently, or used before its re-release.

Key takeaways:

  • CO2 is both, a waste product and a potential feedstock
  • The main components that constitute a CC(U)S system are capture, compression, transport, storage/reuse
  • CCS potentially results in permanent storage of CO2, while CCU mainly results in delayed emissions (mitigating CO2 emissions whenever the reuse of CO2 sufficiently reduces CO2 emissions by displacing the use of other types of carbon)
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