2.1.1 Global trends in electricity consumption

Course subject(s) 2. Electricity use in buildings

In this video we will be looking at trends in electricity consumption of buildings, both in the residential and the commercial and public services sector. We will explore global trends but also look at a few specific regions to see how their trends differ. After this we go on to look at some potential reasons for the changing electricity demand in buildings.

Key takeaways:

  1. Electricity consumption in both residential and non-residential buildings has increased by a factor of almost 2.5 over the past three decades
  2. In more developed regions, the electricity consumption increases have largely stabilised, whereas other regions have experienced a sharp rise
  3. The increased adoption of electrical appliances and equipment has been a key driver of increased electricity consumption
  4. A trend leading to a relative decrease in electricity consumption in buildings is energy efficiency improvements
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