2.1.2 Life-Cycle of a Building Product

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Next, Thaleia Konstantinou explains the central role that building products have in developing the circular built environment by using the brick as an example. To learn about the different life-cycle stages of the brick and the impact of each one on the environment, watch the video below.

Life-cycle of a building product


  • Understanding the life-cycle of building products and the impact that each stage has on the environment is the first step towards the development of a circular built environment.
  • There are four main life-cycle phases of a building product: production, construction, usage, and end-of-service.
  • At the end of its life the brick is most commonly landfilled, which is not in compliance with the principles of the Circular Economy.
  • However, more sustainable ways exist, for example recycling or reuse.  We need to be pro-active and think about end-of-life scenarios during the design stage.
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