2.2.1 Building with Nature – a worldwide trend

Course subject(s) 2. Necessary Background Knowledge

In this section you can see three videos demonstrating different perspectives on Building with Nature:

  1. Building with Nature – a worldwide trend by Prof. dr. Jill Slinger,
  2. an engineering perspective on the Building with Nature philosophy by Prof. dr. ir. Mark van Koningsveld, and
  3. an ecological perspective on Building with Nature by Dr. Bregje van Wesenbeeck.

You can cite this video as:

Slinger, J.H. (Jill); van Wesenbeeck, B.K. (Bregje) (2016) Engineering: Building with Nature 101x video #03 – Building with Nature – a worldwide trend. TU Delft. Dataset. http://dx.doi.org/10.4121/uuid:bfd188fd-c978-4774-8c4f-72586c0a9faf 

Building with Nature - a worldwide trend

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