2.2.1 Design strategies for reuse

Course subject(s) Module 2: Reuse

Products are more likely to be reused if they are well-built, with a good manufacturing quality and the right choice of materials.

In this video Juan Azcarate goes through the design decisions that must be taken into account to improve the chances of products being reused for a longer time.

Key points:

  • The principle behind reuse is to keep products functional and attractive for as many users as possible and for as long as possible.
  • Products don’t only get discarded when they fail or break. It can also be the result of technical obsolescence, fashion changes, social expectations, or a number of other reasons.
  • A number of design aspects must be considered to improve the chances of reuse:
        1. Durability of materials and connections.
        2. Ease of maintenance and repair.
        3. Standardization, compatibility, and adaptability.
        4. Product attachment and trust.
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