2.2.1 Economics of Electric Vehicles Compared to Gasoline Vehicles

Course subject(s) Module 2. Switching to EV Fleets

You might have seen that, in general, the purchase price of electric vehicles is higher than those of gasoline equivalents. But do you know why? Did you know that even though the purchase price is higher, electric vehicles can be cheaper over their lifetime? Do you wonder how? Watch this lecture by prof. Bert van Wee to find out.

Learning goals:

      1. Being able to list the different cost parameters of the purchase price of a car
      2. Understand the concept of Total Cost of Ownership
      3. Describe the various cost components that are associated with car ownership
      4. Calculate the total cost of ownership of a car over the lifetime
      5. Describe the factors that play a role in the second-hand value of an electric car
      6. Understand how national and local incentives can help to stimulate EV sales

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