2.2.4 Bike sharing reuse

Course subject(s) Module 2: Reuse

In this edition of our weekly “OV Fiets” bike-sharing case-study David Peck and Alessio Franconi discuss the design characteristics of the OV bike that make it particularly fit for reuse.

Key points:

  • Robustness of design and fabrication: The OV fiets is designed to be strong and resistant, as users might not take as much care of it as they would of their own private bike.
  • Fewer parts and components: The fewer parts and connections the product has, the less likely it is to fail.
  • Design features: The bike has a single back-pedal brake, or coaster brake,¬†built into the back wheel. The lights are integrated into the frame to prevent them from being broken off in an impact, they are powered by a dynamo to avoid the need to replace batteries.
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