2.2.6 Teleportation

Course subject(s) Module 2: Working with Multiple Qubits

Teleportation has been the focus of many sci-fi movies and books. In this lecture you will find out that quantum teleportation is not what you would expect… Gustavo will explain how we can make use of the entanglement and two classical bits to teleport information from one qubit to another already existing one. Since there is nothing being transmitted through a quantum channel we cannot call this protocol a quantum transmission; instead, we call it quantum teleportation.

  • The Bell States are four maximally entangled two-partite states that form a basis.
  • The Bell State Analyzer is based on the outcomes of the Z-basis measurements of the Bell States transformed into the computational basis
  • To perform the teleportation protocol we need a Bell State and a qubit with the information we want to teleport.
  • By using the outcomes of the Bell State Analyzer between one of the qubits of the Bell State and the information qubit, the information is teleported to the remaining party of the initial Bell State.
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