3.1.1 Introduction on Availability

Course subject(s) Module 3. Availability

In this third module we will discuss the concept of Availability. In module 2 we have learned that 1 billion people still lack access tot electricity services. But what if they do? Does that mean that all their problems are solved? Unfortunately not. Worldwide, there are plenty of examples where people do have access, but powercuts occur so often, that people still cannot always rely on the grid. Also, when becoming more dependent on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, what happens when there is hardly any sun, or hardly any wind?

These questions, among others, will be addressed in this module.

Outline of module 3

The structure of this module consists of two parts:

  1. The theory track. After the introduction video there will be video’s on quality of supply, the availability of energy in a smart grid and dimensions of availability.
  2. The case track. This module’s case is on the North Sea Wind Power Hub, where multiple organisations and countries work together to improve the off-shore wind farms.

Good luck with this module!

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