3.1 Interaction Mathematical model

Course subject(s) 3. Extending the model

Rainbowfish and gouramis

The problem is the following

A client of the fish farm wants an aquarium containing both rainbowfish and gouramis. The client is advised that the particular kind of gouramis he wants, can get aggressive, and that they hunt and eat rainbowfish. The client is undounted and still wants this combination. He has a budget for 20 rainbowfish, 5 gouramis and an aquarium which has a maximum capacity for 100 rainbowfish. Is it possible to have both fish in the same aquarium without one of them going extinct?

In the next video, a model is constructed for these two populations.

Interacting populations

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In the video the system of two differential equations has been constructed for the rainbowfish population P(t) and the gourami population G(t). The gouramis are preditors and they prey on the rainbowfish. In the next exercise you see other types of interactions.

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