3.2.3. 3Temp case study

Course subject(s) Module 3: Repair

As an example of products which are made for repair, we take a look at the professional coffee machines of 3Temp.

They are made for easy access: both customers and service staff. As a special feature, the machine is connected to 3Temp-central in Sweden, where spare part deliveries can be triggered quickly and easily, without the customer having to do anything.

In the first video Anna-Karin Jönbrink gives an overview about this case study, followed by a second video where she interviews the Head of the R&D-Department of 3Temp, Peter Larsson.

  • Coffee machine by 3Temp is aimed at professional users (B2B)
  • The product is designed for repair, in conjunction with a digital, online communication system
  • Expand the lifetime by customized maintenance advice (see also the principle of Reuse)
  • Send spare parts to service personal or customers before the machine is out of order
  • Easy access to all parts of the machine
  • Repair can be done by the customers themselves

  • Development takes place against the background of a circular economy and saving CO2
  • Predict failure and send service personal before the machine becomes out of order
  • Therefore time is being saved during the repair processes
  • Saving of about 30000 km/year for a number of 100 machines in use
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