3.2.7 iFixit Case Study

Course subject(s) Module 3: Repair

In the following Interview Bus Flipsen, researcher from the company iFixit, talks with David Peck about the vision and business model of iFixit.com, one of the biggest online platforms for repair manuals.

  • Vision: Web community, with manuals on how to repair things free, for everyone
  • Business model: webshop for tools and parts, consulting of companies how to write product documentation, and how to design for Repair
  • Main focus on consumer electronics
  • About +150 employees in the US, +50 within the EU
  • Future trends:
    Generell: 3D-printing for repair
    iFixit: Focus on mobile devices, household machines and Smart TVs
  • The demand for a Circular Economy with an engaging society can be seen right now with the increasing numbers of repair cafés and platforms like iFixit
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