3.3.1 Co-creation in Kampala’s Informal Settlements

Course subject(s) Module 3 – Water & Waste Water: Water as Basic Need

3.3.1 Co-decision Making for Sanitation Solutions

Now that you have an overall idea of the water chain in Kampala, let’s zoom in to one of the informal, unserviced settlements of the city: Katanga Village. In the next video, we will look at involvement of the local community of Katanga in the decision-making process for sanitation systems. Astrid Hendriksen will share with you how an adequate decision-making process plays a crucial role in realising safe and sustainable sanitation solutions. She will share with you that the involvement of the end-users of sanitation facilities is crucial to realise sanitation that fits the local context at hand.

Co-Decision Making in Sanitation Systems

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