3.4.3 From Faeces to Fertilizer

Course subject(s) Module 3 – Water & Waste Water: Water as Basic Need

Sanitation in the Absense of Infrastructure: The PeePoo Bag

The previous video showed you how faeces and urine can become fertilizers. You have heard about low-tech and high-tech solutions to recover resources from human waste and you have heard about their specific challenges.  Now that you know that choosing the appropriate recovery solution depends on the context in which they are placed, let’s go back to the unplanned settlements that we started with. Are there any options for resource recovery in informal settlements?

In the next video, Dr. Bas van Vliet and Dr. Jan Vreeburg will tell you more as they introduce you to the PeePoo bag. This product has been developed as a sanitation solution for urban slums. Its special properties allow it to turn human waste into valuable fertilizer. The PeePoo bag does not only emphasize the importance of thinking along the entire water and sanitation chain, it also urges us to think about what proper sanitation actually is.

Sanitation in the Absence of Infrastructure: the PeePoo Bag

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