3.5.1 Case Study VDL

Course subject(s) Module 3. Electrification of Transportation

Now that we have learnt about all the electrification of transportation, let us look at how it is done in the real world. For this, we have an interview with Menno Kleingeld manager at VDL. VDL is a front runner in E-Mobility, a turnkey solution providing buses, charging stations, technical support and services, delivering highly efficient, high frequency, new high-quality operations, a new first class experience for passengers, drivers and city residents with zero emission and less noise.

The following topics are discussed:

        • An introduction into Enabling Transport Solutions
        • The reasons to invest into electric busses
        • The VDL approach to electrifying the fleet
        • The differences to building electric busses compared to gasoline and diesel
        • The integration with charging infrastructure
        • Other new innovative solutions

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