3.6.3 Optimizing Amsterdam’s Water Chain with End-users

Course subject(s) Module 3 – Water & Waste Water: Water as Basic Need

Citizen Science for Drinking Water Quality Measurements

The fourth and final role that we will show you for the end-users of water in the Dutch context, is that of “citizens as scientists”. To illustrate this, we will have a look at the first citizen science study in the Dutch drinking water sector: the ‘Freshness of Water’ project. In this project citizen scientists in Amsterdam examined the bacterial composition – the ‘freshness’ – of their own tap water.

To find out what the project is about, please read the article ‘The value of citizens as scientists’ in ‘H2O Water Matters’ Edition 1/2017.

Then watch the following video, where Dr. Stijn Brouwer and Prof. Dr. Jan Peter van der Hoek have a conversation about the different values that were created for the different stakeholders in this citizen science project.

Citizen Science for Drinking Water Quality Measurements

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