4.2.2 Decarbonizing urban transport: guest speaker

Course subject(s) 4. Transport decarbonization II

Now we would like to invite you to watch the video where our guest researcher from the MIT Energy Initiative Joanna Moody, Ph.D explains the factors that affect the challenge of transitioning from personal vehicles to public transport in urban areas.

Key takeaways:

  1. It is a great challenge to convince the general population to consider to switch from personal cars to other modes of transport in urban areas.
  2. There are underlying psychological and behavioral reasons that hinder the process of switching from personal cars to public transport.
  3.  Attitudinal and affective human factors play a great role in car ownership and use.
  4. There are mainly 2 challenges to achieved for sustainable transport in cities, first being switching from personal cars to other modes of sustainable transport, and secondly, powering personal cars with renewable energy.
  5. The car pride factor scores can greatly differ in various countries around the world.
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