4.2.3 European Remanufacturing Council. Part 2

Course subject(s) Module 4: Remanufacturing

In this video David Fitzsimons, director of The European Remanufacturing Council is again interviewed by David Peck from TU Delft. This time some examples as well as drivers and barriers for companies when it comes to remanufacturing are described.

According to the interview

  • The main drivers for companies doing remanufacturing are:
    • Economy, and thus the remanufacturing business is already very large
    • Sustainability. not least the need to take  care of Resources already put into Products.
    • New advantages, since Customers ask for Products that fit into a  Circular Economy,
  • The main barriers are
    • Companies do not want to change, saying: “we have Always done…”
    • Circular economy push companies into more complexity
      • Products need a different design
      • Business models has to change
      • New transactions has to be made

A final conclusion is that there are already a lot of important companies in remanufacturing, and that it is the future.

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