4.2.3 European Remanufacturing Council. Part 3

Course subject(s) Module 4: Remanufacturing

In this video David Fitzsimons, director of The European Remanufacturing Council is interviewed for a third time by David Peck from TU Delft. This time the future is in focus.

In the interview there some important issues are stated:

  • Future Products has to be designed to be disassembled.
    • For companies in remanufactring, it is clear that the easier it is to handle the Products – the lower the cost
    • Remanufacturing decrease the need of energy and primary material, and thus provide a good business case
  • There is a transformation towards a Circular Economy ongoing
  • “Future” products such as the huge amount of new robots, has to be designed for a Circular Economy from the beginning, rather than changed later on.
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