4.3.1 The concept of RePack

Course subject(s) Module 4. Reuse of packaging

Repack is a Finnish packaging service. It is not just a packaging producer, but a service that provides reusable packaging. Jan Berbee, who is a Dutch packaging entrepreneur and partner of Repack, will explain how the service works. He was at the distribution centre of the outdoor store Bever to discuss the implementation of reusable packaging for shipments from their webshop. First, he will explain the concept of Repack and the benefits of this reusable packaging.


  • Reusable packaging reduces plastic waste and CO2 emissions when applied right: After 20 turns with a Repack you will have saved 80% of CO2 in comparison to recyclable packaging.
  • A service model was adopted to create incentives for end users to send back the packaging and offer additional benefits to the e-commerce companies that use the packaging.
  • Currently Repack is only used to pack soft (unbreakable) items, because of the material and shape. Fashion stores were targeted as first users because of their big market share in the e-commerce market.
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