4.3.2 The design of reusable packaging

Course subject(s) Module 4. Reuse of packaging

In this next video, Jan Berbee talks about the design of current the Repack packaging, how they plan to make more reusable packaging for all kinds of products in the future, and the aspects of packaging that you have to take into account when designing reusable packaging.


  • The first aspect that you have to consider in the design of reusable packaging is the material: it has to be strong enough to endure repeated use cycles and still be recyclable at the end of life.
  • Ease of use for both the web store and end user should be taken into account as well. In the case of Repack that means that it should be able to be folded small and processing is quick and easy.
  • Due to the high number of use cycles the packaging items can be made more expensive and have additional features added to them.
  • The e-commerce markets of food, electronics and jewellery are identified as new targets for Repack.
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