4.3.3 Considerations in the use of reusable packaging

Course subject(s) Module 4. Reuse of packaging

The interview with Jan Berbee took place at the distribution center of Bever. Aad Putters is manager of logistics of Bever and has to deal with the implementation of this novel way of packaging. He explains his deliberations in the implementation of sustainable packaging in general and reusable packaging in particular. He also shares his vision for the future of packaging with us.


  • Sustainable packaging has three benefits for Bever: meet customer demands, decrease environmental impact and reduce shipping costs.
  • Implementation of the Repack packaging comes with several challenges: the guarantee of product protection, fit of products in the packaging, and changes that need to be made in the logistics and webstore.
  • The challenges that come with sustainable packaging in the future, according to Aad Putters, are: cost efficient recycling processes, cost efficient production of environmentally friendly materials, and the return logistics of reusable packaging

Aad Putters is not the only one to make predictions for the future of packaging and the challenges in the adoption of sustainable packaging. In the sixth episode we’ll revisit some of the interviewees for their forecasts.

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