4.4.2 Netizens and Their Socio-political Impact

Course subject(s) Module 4 – Energy and Air 1: Living with the Haze

Attention to Air Quality in Netizens’ Everyday Life

As we have seen, the expansion of environmental concern and activism in China has encouraged the rise of NGOs that engage in air pollution debates and policies. We visited IPE, an environmental NGO located in Beijing that works on air and water quality topics since 2006. They position themselves between governments, companies and the public. In this interview Xin Xu and Kate Logan, both employees of IPE, discuss their role as an NGO in bringing transparency to air and water policies in China. They explain how they work, where their data come from, and explain how they made an app to make air quality data accessible to a wider audience. They also convey how they empower civilians to report environmental anomalies, such as polluted waters. As Kate explains, their ambition is not to raise awareness for environmental problems and leave it there, but to show that transparency can be used as part of the solution.

Attention to Air Quality in Netizen's Everyday Life

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