4.5.1 Wrap-up

Course subject(s) Module 4 – Energy and Air 1: Living with the Haze


You made it to the last video of this module! We hope that it was a good learning experience for you and that you gained new perspectives on co-creation and air quality. But, there is one video left. In the next video, the host of this module, prof. Maarten Krol, will look back at what we saw in this module and highlight what we think are its most important lessons. One of these lessons is of course that the contents of this module should be understood in the socio-political context of Chinese cities. In the next module, we will look at new forms of co-creation in the same socio-technical system, but in two different regions of the world. Enjoy this last video and we hope to see you again in this next module on citizens and air quality in Amsterdam and Kampala!


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