5.1.1 Introduction

Course subject(s) Module 5. Robot Vision

Welcome to module 5! This module it’ll be about basic robot vision. We will focus on two main aspects of Robot vision as it is a very big field in robotics. The week structure and goal will be shown in this lecture.  And of course, you can download the necessary contents for this module in the Course Downloads page.

In the previous module, we already used some principles of robot vision: The TurtleBot could scan its surroundings, and update its pathfinding accordingly.

Pre-programmed manipulation is used in traditional automation and static environments, and dynamic manipulation is possible by using cameras for detection.

The main idea:

  • Robot vision is inspired by image processing.
      • It includes detection and recognition.
  • In this course we will use a logical camera which has two important features.
      • It detects, recognizes, and provides the pose of an object.
      • It integrates information with ROS TF package.

Goals of this week:

  • Add a logical camera:
      • Inspect and use the received data.
  • Basics of the ROS TF package:
      • Specify poses in a reference frame.
      • Create and view the ROS TF tree.
      • Transform pose.
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