5.1.3 Introduction to Air Amsterdam and Kampala

Course subject(s) Module 5 – Energy & Air 2: Citizens Co-Creating Cleaner Air

Introduction to the Air Quality of Amsterdam

Air quality in Amsterdam is not as good as it seems. Polluted air ranks third on the list of health risks in Amsterdam, directly following smoking cigarettes. This video is a broadcast by Groen Licht (‘Green Light’), a television program by one of the Dutch public broadcasting corporations, which is devoted to sustainability initiatives. Presenter Milouska Meulens explores air pollution in Amsterdam. She talks with fellow citizens about how they experience air pollution and together with dr. Bert Heusinkveld of Wageningen University, she investigates the actual levels of air pollution and the differences that exist between different streets in Amsterdam.

The field recording in below video by Dr. Bert Heusinkveld on air quality in Amsterdam has been reused with permission from Groen Licht. It is part of the episode that aired on 5 December 2016.

Introduction to the Air Quality of Amsterdam

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