5.1.3 Twenty: Cleaning Agents Without Water

Course subject(s) Module 5. Rethinking packaging

In this episode’s case study we will look at what happens when you rethink a whole product-packaging combination.

In the video below, designer Mirjam de Bruijn explains her project Twenty, which she explains as: ‘a brand forecast setting an example for the industry’. By eliminating water from detergents, shampoo, and dish soap, she does not only change those products, but also their packaging and the way they are transported.


  • In the development of Twenty, rethinking of the product went hand in hand with rethinking the packaging, to create a sustainable product.
  • The Twenty project was started by asking questions about the current way detergents are produced, packaged and sold.
  • Inspiration can come from many places, but it can be as simple as applying the principles of one product sector to another.
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