5.2.1 Citizens and Air Quality in Amsterdam

Course subject(s) Module 5 – Energy & Air 2: Citizens Co-Creating Cleaner Air

Urban AirQ

As you saw in the previous video, there are substantial uncertainties when it comes to data and monitoring of air quality in Amsterdam. This makes it difficult to understand what emissions people are actually exposed to in their everyday life, and also what policies are sufficient to create a healthier environment. One of the NGOs working on air quality in Amsterdam is Waag Society. In the next video, community manager at Waag Gijs Boerwinkel will explain the relationship between air quality and ‘smart cities’, and why the topic is particularly relevant to Waag Society.

Waag Society has been involved in a number of projects on air quality. In the next video, Gijs Boerwinkel will explain one of them: the Urban AirQ-project, subtitled ‘measuring air quality with citizens’. The rationale of this project was to let citizens be in charge of monitoring the air quality of their own streets. Urban AirQ was a living lab-type project involving many stakeholders including the AMS-institute. Gijs Boerwinkel will tell you about how this living lab was organized and we invite you to reflect on what is being co-created in this case.

Urban AirQ part 1

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