5.2.2 Kickback Case Study

Course subject(s) Module 5: Recycle

As an example for a product made of only few materials which are excellent for recycling we take a look at the soccer table by Kickpack. This is a company from Brunswick, Germany. The owner of the company had the idea to create a product out of one material. His first product is the soccer table. There are more, like the ping pong table. The number of products is still increasing.

First Armin will summarize what is important about the design of such a product and the main questions before it can be offered on the market. After this introduction, the founder of the company, Mr Prüß, will talk about the motivation and the process for designing the table.

Key points:

  • Use only few or one materials.
  • Use economical recyclable materials.

Video. Interview with Kickpack

As you can see, the process was not easy but it was worth it. The product is in the market and customers are buying it. They also realized that there are other opportunities to create products in a different way.

Recycling those products is obviously easy. Just smash and crash it and put it into the cardboard bin. Due to the good recycling possibilities of cardboard, it is possible that the soccer table was part of a cereal packaging and will be a page for a book you will enjoy in the future.

Key points:

  • A  new desgin approach takes time and needs effort.
  • Only one material makes the recycling very easy.
  • Cardboard is a good recyclable material, the facilities already exist and the process is well known.
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