5.2.2 TF Reference Frames

Course subject(s) Module 5. Robot Vision

In this lecture, we will learn how the TF reference frames are generated and where they are located.

Creation of reference frames:

  • ROS Package: robot_state_publisher
      • joint state information – /joint_states topic
      • robot_description parameter – URDF/XACRO (hrwros.xacro)
  • A fixed reference frame for “world”
  • A joint_state_publisher publishes combines information to the joint state topic
      • source_list combines joint states of the robots
  • Load the URDF on to the parameter server
    <include file="$(find hrwros_support)/launch/load_hrwros.launch"/>

      • Contains robot_description that gets updated with the URDF elements.
  • Use of URDF to define where different objects are.

Location of the reference frame

  • The origin tag
    <origin xyz="-7.8 -1.5 0"/>
  • Objects are defined via links which are connected via joints
  • Frames are defined on joint origins
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