5.2.3 Samsen Case Study

Course subject(s) Module 5: Recycle

Design for Recycling does not have to be invisible. “Projekt Samsen” prints frames for glasses in different shapes and colours. The customer can purchase a very individual frame, which in addition is designed for recycling.

Using new production technologies is a big advantage in the following example. Not only was the new production technology  required, but also the idea to adapt the product.

Key points:

  • Junctions mostly add an additional material.
  • Not all materials could be handled in the same way as cardboard.
  • New technology provides new possibilities.

Video. Interview with Lea from ``Projekt Samsen``

  • Familiar products produced with new technology also requires new thoughts for the manufacturing process.
  • Two parts, two tasks, one material. The frame carries the glasses which protect your eyes from the sun.
  • Try to avoid creating disadvantages with the new manufacturing method / approach.
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