5.2.3 TF Reference Frames: Ruiz Visuali

Course subject(s) Module 5. Robot Vision

We now know how TF frames get created, and where they are defined. Let’s now see them in the context of our factory world!

In a new CCS:

  • Source your setup files
  • Launch the factory simulation, in RViz like in week 2!
    • Do this by adding the arguments: gui:=false rviz:=true
  • On the left panel in RViz, you can enable the option to show all TF links. There are so many! Let’s turn most of them off and only show robot2_pedestal_link.
    • To really see it, you might need to disable rendering the pedestal in the RobotModel section.
    • It appears on the location of the joint between the world, and the robot2 pedestal link. Because the pedestal is static, the TF is also static.
  • Now enable the vacuum_gripper2_suction_cup TF.
    • Switch to a new terminal, source your setup files, and start MoveIt! Commander.
    • Use the go command, to move the robot to the R2Up position.
    • Try and execute the command while you can also see the TF in RViz! You can see it moving with the arm.
  • This shows TF frames are updated by both the robot description parameter and the joints state information.
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