5.3.1 Innovation acceptance

Course subject(s) Module 5. Rethinking packaging

When designing new products it is important to consider the technical feasibility but also the consumer acceptance of these products. When you radically change a product-packaging combination (PPC) and make the investments to realize the innovation, you need people to buy it. We have previously discussed that implementing circular PPC’s, involves change in the whole system and therefore requires a change in consumer behaviour too.

In this segment Lise Magnier, Assistant Professor of Consumer Research at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of the TU Delft, will explain how to take consumers into account.


  • When you change the visual appearance of a PPC, it should still fit the same categorisation.
  • When rethinking a PPC you should maintain it’s usual functions.
  • By monitoring what assumptions people make, you create insights into what works or not.
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