5.3.1 Smart Citizens in Smart Cities?

Course subject(s) Module 5 – Energy & Air 2: Citizens Co-Creating Cleaner Air

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Sensors like the smart citizen kit (https://smartcitizen.me/) that Waag Society adapted for using it in the Urban AirQ-project, are part of a recent spurt in sensor technology and an increasing presence of sensors in urban environments. City life increasingly produces all kinds of Big Data. With the emergence of new sensor technology, social media, and the Internet of Things, this development is likely to carry on in cities around the world. So-called ‘smart cities’ promise to harvest and utilize these data to make city life more effective, efficient and ultimately more sustainable. The next video is from an AMS-research project and gives an impression of data innovations in the field of smart cities. While watching this video, what do you think Big Data implies not just for city governance but also for the everyday life of citizens?

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