5.3.2 Rethinking as part of the innovation process

Course subject(s) Module 5. Rethinking packaging

To come up with innovative solutions you need to rethink the current situation. But how do you actually deal with rethinking in an innovation process? In the following video Lise Magnier will explain how to deal with innovation in a system containing multiple stakeholders. She’ll elaborate on the reasons why companies start, or haven’t started, rethinking their packaging to fit a circular economy.


  • To successfully implement a sustainable innovation, all stakeholders should be involved and take ownership of the project.
  • To get consumers (who are stakeholders) to engage, convenience and unity are important.
  • Companies are urged to change by legislation and increasing consumer awareness.
  • Is the current brand image a reason not to rethink a product? Question yourself and consumers and use storytelling as added value.
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