5.4.1 Conclusion

Course subject(s) Module 5. Robot Vision

Welcome to the conclusion of Week 5. We hope you enjoyed the content of this week. If you have are any remaining questions. We would like to point you to the discussion forum.

In this module, we learned a lot about using logical cameras in our simulation world. We also learned about the super-important concept of reference frame, and how to use them in ROS with the tf2 package. Finally, we put the two together and transformed the pose of an object detected by the logical camera to the world frame. This will be very useful later on for picking up object.

Over the last few weeks, we constantly had to launch new CCS terminals, source them, and run new bits of code. Sometimes we could use launch files, but not if we wanted something to happen after the start of the simulation.

Next module, we will learn how to tackle that with the use of state machines in ROS and put everything together. So, please look forward to that!

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