5.5.1 Co-creating on Air in Kampala

Course subject(s) Module 5 – Energy & Air 2: Citizens Co-Creating Cleaner Air

Co-creating for a Better Air Quality

As dr. Patience Mguni explained in the previous video, sustainable forms of cooking require a transition of a whole energy nexus that is socially, technologically, and politically rooted. For solutions to be successful, they should fit the local context and everyday lives of Kampala’s slum inhabitants. One NGO that aims to co-create such solutions together with citizens, is EASE: Engage in A Safe Environment. The NGO installed a press that allows local citizens to create charcoal briquettes, which are normally relatively expensive, but burn more efficiently and lead to less air pollution. In the following video, Irene Namaganda (coordinator at EASE) is interviewed by Jimmy Osuret (Makerere University, School of Public Health). Irene explains the EASE’s project while, in the background, you see the briquette press in action.

Co-Creating for a Better Air Quality

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